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The size of a bathroom depends on the area of the house. Sometimes in a small house, bathrooms are usually of a smaller size because of availability of lesser covered area. If proper planning is not done before construction, then the bathrooms may be even smaller in size. Now if you have a small bathroom in your house then small bathroom renovations can be done with simple changes and minimum costs.

Small bathroom renovations need some changes that include changing the wallpaper to start with. You can add the dated floral pattern that will draw the attention of your small bathroom. Classic sinks are more suitable than gorgeous pedestal sinks in small bathrooms. It will do your work as well as save space to move in.

Dark and light color combination for small bathroom renovations makes the bathroom visually bigger. Chocolate brown and ivory wainscoting looks beautiful and visually breaks up the small space. As the features in small bathrooms are prominent on the fresh walls, the polishes should come in the form of freshly painted mirror, trimmed window, a new chrome faucet and Roman shades in striking damask print can be done for bathroom renovations.

Adding some unique designed lighting in the bathroom can be significant for small bathroom renovations. The room should be covered with chic grass cloth wallpaper followed by suit. To hide the vanity dilemma, you can install an open suit that will make the bathroom feel spacious.

The bathroom renovations can be done by a work around solution turned into a window seat. Make your bathroom interesting. A radiator cover can be outfitted to do so as it reflects the home’s vintage roots. A nickel wash basin with chrome legs can also be fitted. This small bathroom renovation can be made attractive with lustrous wallpaper in gold or fuchsia or lavender mix as it will give a modern spin.

While small bathroom renovations are done, unused closets or some other unused materials should be demolished. This will allow more space to your small bathroom. Styling tub can also be chosen along with a subway tile as it will protect the walls from moisture. So thinking out of the box can help you to renovate your bathroom in a unique way and will surely impress your guests.

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