Kitchen paint colors with white cabinets

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Pros And Cons Of Kitchen Paint Colors With White Cabinets

White colored cabinets can make your kitchen look stunning and outstanding when decorated with a few other features. You might believe that white kitchen cabinets are simple and plain, but the reality is that they can present a stylish contrast for the simplest kitchen.

One can either paint the kitchen cabinets white by using white paint or by using white thermo foils. These two ways are quite different from each other.  The thermo foil is generally made of particle board that has been encased in a vinyl paper which is then used with adhesive and super heat. Thermo foil white cabinets are very easy to clean and their color also does not go very fast. White cabinets of thermo foil are chosen often because of their low cost and they are stylish as well. Kitchen paint colors with white cabinets look more stylish and attractive if the walls of your kitchen have been painted with dark colors.

The pros of having white cabinets

There are plenty of advantages of installing white cabinets in your house. Some of the benefits of the white cabinets are,

  • Painting the cabinets white costs very less and gives a refreshing look to your kitchen too.
  • It gives an attractive look to your kitchen and a simple look to your kitchen if you are looking for a contemporary style of kitchen.
  • The white cabinets can also be installed in baths and rooms.

Cons of the white cabinet kitchen

Even though the white cabinets have many advantages, they have some drawbacks too. They are

  • Once the white cabinet of the kitchen gets affected with water or any liquid, the cabinet forms the bubbles underneath the surface. Thus, it affects the cabinets.
  • Sunlight can adversely change the cabinets’ white tone by aging the underlying wood.
  • Small scratches, marks, and dirt are frequently considered as an issue as these affect the longevity of the white cabinets.
  • Some people do not like kitchen paint colors with white cabinets and in some cases these may not even suit the overall appearance of the kitchen.

But overall the kitchen paint colors with white cabinets are one among the suitable choices for your kitchen as these make it look attractive and unique. Also the white color for the cabinets and appliances contributes to the total design statement of the kitchen.

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