Custom kitchen cabinets

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Custom kitchen cabinets

Have you been shopping for kitchen cabinetry and been discontented with the variety of the big box stores and imported cabinet dealers? Well maybe you should really take a close look at custom kitchen cabinets as an option for your kitchen remodeling project. Stock cabinets can be cheaper than custom-made cabinets, but a customized cabinetry offers better value for money.

Cabinets are the important parts of kitchen furniture. Absolutely they are the basic furniture with drawers and boxes, but they are crucial in the kitchen and they must be built to last with a design that represents the character of their owner. Once you add together all of the advantages of custom cabinetry, you will know why homeowners who pick custom kitchen cabinets enjoy their decision every day. These cabinets can be styled in any possible and imaginable design as per the owner’s requirements. They can be constructed suiting your kitchen layout, design, taste and requirements. Customized kitchen cabinetry can simply be constructed to fit between two walls or shape adjusted in different angles, an advantage you don’t have with standard sized stock cabinets.

With custom kitchen cabinets you can choose the type of hardware such as cabinet door hinges and drawer slides. Mostly people opt for hinges and drawer slides with the soft close feature. You can also get cabinets made of uncommon or exotic woods and can even have a much bigger choice of cabinet doors and drawer fronts. It is also possible to purchase custom kitchen cabinets, where you can choose a standard cabinet to start with and then add in the details and features you desire. Because of this, custom cabinets are costly; require skilled labor and usually take a few weeks to some months to be completely built. They are mostly built on a build-to-order basis.

The majority of individuals want to know how much more custom cabinet will cost as compared to stock cabinets. An answer that is true in all cases is almost impossible to get to. The real truth of the issue is that custom cabinets are going to cost more than the lower lines of similar stock cabinetry. But in spite of the higher costs of custom cabinets it is almost always worth the additional cost. The cabinets are made with a very durable material and in a fashion that makes it last longer.

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