Bathroom vanity lighting

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Bathroom vanity lighting

Bathroom vanity is an important place in the bathroom and is actually the centerpiece of the bathroom. This is where you apply your makeup or have a nice shave and hence should be well lit. Proper bathroom vanity lighting should cast a soft, natural and an even glow. Uneven light will produce unsightly shadows and make it difficult to properly apply makeup, shave, or assess your outfit. Fortunately, there are now options beyond simple overhead vanity lights. There are newer options in overhead lighting as well.

Overhead Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Overhead vanity lights now come in a variety of styles. If you do opt for overhead lights, which also provide the most light, choose a fixture that diffuses the light. Install light bulbs that mimic natural light to achieve the best effect.

Fixtures with large globe bulbs may create uneven streams of light in larger bathrooms. Sconces that cast light downward have the same effect. If you really like this style, use three or four rather than one or two to achieve better lighting.

Side Vanity Lights

Sconces mounted on the sides of the vanity mirror are growing in popularity. They often don’t provide enough bathroom vanity lighting by themselves, so they should be used in conjunction with overhead lights to create even light. If used alone, the lights will produce two spheres of light, with dark shadows in the area where the glow doesn’t overlap. If you’re adding sconces to your bathroom, choose a style that will diffuse the light rather than cast a harsh glow on the mirror or your face.

Makeup Mirrors

In addition to vanity lights, you can also mount a magnified mirror with a built-in lamp. In this case, the lamp should be very bright so you can clearly see your skin’s imperfections. If you plan to use the unmagnified side for applying makeup, choose a style where the light surrounds the mirror entirely rather than a mirror with a single bulb at the top, bottom, or side.

Whatever style light fixture you choose, make sure that it provides enough light and casts a natural and an even glow on your skin. With so many attractive options, it should be easy to find a fixture that looks good in your home.

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