Bathroom lighting ideas

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Bathroom lighting ideas

Illumination is one of the most basic and essential elements in any kind of space. The bathroom in particular, needs sufficient illumination every time we clean the area, brush our teeth in the commode, groom ourselves in front of the mirror, bath, soak ourselves in the tub, or use the toilet. There are many bathroom lighting ideas that are easy to implement. Using these ideas you can make your bathroom look larger, elegant and bright.

Without proper bathroom lighting, we won’t be able to brush our teeth properly, wash our hands thoroughly, apply makeup flawlessly, and much more. So when you decide to install new sets of lights in the bathroom, first find out some bathroom lighting ideas and then start planning. Proper illumination is also very much important for reasons of safety as well as for setting the right mood for grooming and relaxation. Lights significantly add more shine and sparkle to fittings, countertops, and fixtures.

The most effective way to provide the best illumination is by placing wall sconces on both sides of the vanity mirror. If space is limited, then you can install the lights just above the vanity mirror. Placing a recessed light over the vanity area should be avoided to prevent the casting of shadows on the face which makes grooming quite a challenge. Aside from the vanity area, the shower also deserves good illumination with the use of appropriate light fixtures. A recessed light is very important to allow light to focus on the area. The light fixtures should be vapour proof especially when placed in an enclosed shower area.

To give the room more life and character, decorative lights such as a pair of beautiful sconces will surely make a great choice. These sconces come in different finish such as brass, silver, and chrome. Using decorative lights is one of the best bathroom lighting ideas as it works best by providing enough illumination inside built in cabinets.

Lastly, don’t forget about dimmer light switches. Using dimmer switches you can have complete control over the light fixtures and can also save money on electricity.

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