Average cost of bathroom remodel

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Average cost of bathroom remodel

Many times the bathroom remodeling projects are costly, require hiring a contractor, and seem to take up more time than you anticipate. However, starting a bathroom redesign project can be fun and done within your budget. Although the bathroom is generally the smallest room in your house, it tends to cost a lot of money to redesign because of the variety of skilled labor required. Aside from the labor costs, it is easy to get carried away and one ends up purchasing high-end toilets, sinks, and countertops. If you want to know the average cost of bathroom remodel then it would be a tough task for you, because it totally depends on your needs and choices.

In a bathroom remodel you will probably need a plumber, electrician, and a general contractor. If you can do the prep work by yourself, you can save lots of money. Prep work can include taking down wallpaper, pulling up floors, and having the bathroom completely empty for when the workers arrive. The more time they spend doing these things, the more you will ultimately pay them. You can even offer to do the cleanup work that the workers are normally responsible for. If you follow some dos and don’ts then for sure you can remodel your bathroom within your budget without hurting your finances.

If you are the kind of person whose budget lingers around the average cost of bathroom remodel estimate then marble vanity countertops are probably not for you. They are a top of the line choice for many and can prove to be very costly as it is tough to find an intact piece large enough for a countertop. You can go with a laminate countertop with a faux- marble look that can sit nicely in your bathroom.

Similarly, vanity and storage cabinets will often be more expensive than expected. The ever favored cherry maple style and color is of course an expensive option. If you cannot afford the cherry maple, and your pocket is leaning towards pine or oak, you may prefer to paint your cabinets rather than stain them. If you paint then it will look more expensive than it is and can easily help you to bring down the average cost of bathroom remodel drastically.

It is easy to make a beautiful bathroom with a big budget. But it takes a creative thinking and smart planning to get the same beauty on a smaller budget.

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